Accu-Brick uses only the highest quality products that have been company tested for over 20 years.

In most cases, Accu-Brick will come and execute a proven three-step process.
1. Cleaning your pavers with proper chemicals.
2. Initial coating of sealer, which is absorbed by the pavers.
3. Final coat is applied. A process that has been mastered by Accu-Brick.

Helps prevent stains from oil, food and drink spillages, BBQ greases, dirt, fallen leaves and pet messes.

Slows and helps to prohibit mosses and mildew in certain environmental conditions.

Relying on Accu-Brick’s 20 years of experience ensures the correct chemicals are used.  Many “do it yourself” type practices and chemicals can damage and permanently stain your pavers.

Assists in weather wear and tear over the course of time.

In some cases, can be applied as early as 24 hours from the pavers being laid and job completion.

Stabilizes the joint sands used.

Deepens the colors!  There are matte, gloss and natural finishes.

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